Professional Marble and Parquet Polishing Services

Moonlight Technologies specialise in floor restoration (also known as re-conditioning) with quality controlled workmanship backed by a written warranty. We believe in personalised service, quality and customer satisfaction. Our quotation is very reasonable and only slightly higher in comparison to ordinary/conventional marble/granite polishing (using simple grinding or wax) or parquet vanishing (using simple sanding and ordinary wood varnish)


 Marble Polishing



We can restore your marble/granite and parquet floor to almost new condition, saving you significant time, cost and inconveniences through replacing of new marble or parquet tiles.

We use Italian Diamond Restoration of Marble which is more effective than the Conventional Method.

Diamond restoration on marble/terrazo floor is the most advanced method that involves resurfacing the damaged marble/terrazo to remove existing wear and damages (loss of shine and scratches). We use diamond abrasive discs and natural polishing (free from waxes, acrylics, urethane and other coating)


1. Grinding with 5 - 6 different grit (rough to fine) diamond discs. Each disc takes about 1hr

2. Polishing with Italian polishing powder. Hot Diamond Polish stone/powder for an hour and more until highly gloss finish

3. Inspection and washing the floor

Duration: 8 - 9hrs


Parquet Polishing


The grinding, sanding and finishing of parquet/ wood floor are the important parts of restoration process.

Grinding process strips the floor to raw condition in preparation for sanding.

Treatment of sealing to the holes/ gaps and to protect the wooden floor.

The floor is vanished with polyurethane(melamine) which will last 5 times longer than ordinary wood vanish.

This restoration will give you the best results and best value for your money.

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